Sign Types and Materials: Promo Signage

Welcome back to our blog series. If you’re just joining us, we’ve been talking about the sign types and materials we use at Miracle Sign Co. to produce high-end commercial and residential signage for our customers. – that’s you!

We’re three posts in and today’s blog is all about promotional or promo signage. All signage is meant to capture the attention of potential customers and the public. The difference with a custom cut promo sign is that it lets your target audience know exactly what your business or organization is promoting. Are you a new business owner, looking for a series of sharp eye-catching signs to invite the community to your store’s grand opening? Are you this year’s coordinator for the annual golf tournament – one of our favorite sports – and need a durable outdoor entry sign? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a sidewalk sandwich board to let the public know that the art gallery is on the second floor of the town center building?

At Miracle Sign Co., we understand your vision and we want to see it through with you. We take it upon ourselves to let you know which sign designs and materials best suit your needs. Whether it’s an A frame sandwich board, interior digital graphic, or a series of ground signs for an outdoor event, we’ve got you covered.


An A frame / sandwich board sign is the best way for the public to get up close and personal with your business or event. In an age of flashy technology, blinking lights, and over-the-top billboards, a free-standing A frame / sandwich board sign is a welcome change – less is definitely more. A frames / sandwich boards are a simple yet effective way to let the public see what your business is all about. And, it doesn’t matter if they’re coming or going because both sides of an A frame / sandwich board will grab their attention. These promo signs are budget-friendly too.

We offer you a wide selection of materials for your A frame / sandwich board signage. Laminated wood is a durable product made from thin layers of wood bonded together with a strong resin. Laminated wood is durable, long-lasting, and light enough to carry, but heavy enough to stay in one place. Plasticade A frame signs are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable thermoplastic. They feature locking-hinges that prevent it from clasping outward. HDPE is also recyclable.

Quick Sign A frames are compact and feature user-friendly changeable panels, made to order of course. These signs are perfect for businesses and organizations that prefer signage variety without having to spend the excess to do so – all you do is change the sign panels. Quick Sign A frames are easily portable with molded-in handles and can be placed on top of display tables. Unlike small steel a frames, Quick Sign A frames are made of HDPE, so they won’t rust nor scratch your vehicle’s interior when you’re transporting them from Point A to Point B and even Point C.

Another way to promote your business or event is with graphics. High-quality Graphics are attention-grabbers. At Miracle Sign Co., we only use superior graphic-based brands: 3M, Arlon, Oracal, Gerber, and Neschen. Graphics say a lot about your business and organization. Whether it be a brand logo, motto, specialized text, or image you want to promote, we work with you to make it a lasting impression.

Graphics must be visually-stunning to convey your business or organization’s message. Our selection of vinyl and digital media gives you plenty of graphic-based material options. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re happy to help you choose the best vinyl and digital media for your promo signage. For instance, vinyl is perfect for sign layout and lettering. Made from PVC – a resin plastic – it’s long-lasting and moisture-resistant. It’s also recyclable. 3M, Arlon, and Oracal are all makers of superior vinyl products. We’d also like you to know that we use Gerber technology for our digital media production.

And, the best way to enhance graphics is with laminates. A laminate is a clear protective film placed over graphics. Lamination is usually the last step in producing a high-end graphics promo sign prior to installation. A high-quality laminate does three things: Protects the graphic, increases its color visibility, and adds a reflective quality to the graphic. We use several trusted brands including, 3M laminate, Arlon laminate, and Neschen laminate.

Golf anyone? Because our golf promo signs are par for the course – pardon our pun, but we love golf and it shows. Choose portable two-panel Quick Sign A frames to promote your golf course’s seasonal tourneys and charity events. Corex golf promo signs are perfect for that once-a-year weekend event. Corex is lightweight, water resistant, and perfect for temporary outdoor signage. Made from corrugated plastic, Corex signs come in a variety of colors and sizes and are printed with special UV fade resistant ink. We use H-stakes made of quality-gauge steel wire to support and install your Corex signage. All Corex signs are made from Coroplast, the company leader in corrugated plastics.

Is your city hosting this year’s annual pro tournament? Tee it up with an overhead Bantex 13oz banner. Bantex is the leading manufacturer of high-grade vinyl banner materials. Bantex 13oz banners are ideal for digital graphics and texts and are the go-to banners for outdoor signage – they’re smooth and strong. Miracle Sign Co. also uses a select quality of banner stands to keep your golf promo signage in place and at eye level. All of our golf promo sign types and materials are… well, better than a birdie on a two-par hole.


Advertising, sales, consultations, sporting events, and grand openings are all occasions that benefit from great promo signage. Let Miracle Sign Co help you make the most of your promotion – we hope to have given you a head start with this post on promo sign types and materials. In our fourth and final blog series post, we’ll be discussing vehicle and banner signs.