Sign Types and Materials: Vehicles and Banners

There’s a sign for every occasion. Have a week-long event that needs a banner tough enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature brings its way? Miracle Sign Co. has a sign for that. Got a delivery truck that needs a large format decal dressing? We’ve got that too. Starting a small business and considering a vehicle wrap and a couple of banners for your home office? We’ve got you covered.

We hope you’ve learned a few things about the intricacies of sign types and materials after reading our last three posts about exterior, interior, and promo signage. For every type of sign, there are types of materials that go into making one. If you need an outdoor sign, you’ll need materials that will hold up to the weather. If you’re in the market for retail and point-of-purchase signage, you’ll want to opt for a durable material that works well with graphic displays. The same rule is true for vehicles and banners, which is what our last post in our Sign Types and Materials Blog Series is all about.


When it comes to sign space, there are no limits. More and more business owners, non-profits, and event companies are opting to use vehicles as sign space. And it makes perfect sense, seeing as the average person spends 101 minutes a day behind the wheel. Although being stuck in morning rush hour moving at snail’s pace through a downtown construction zone is less than ideal, it is the ideal time and place for a stunning vehicle graphic – might as well make that traffic jam work for you and your business. Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective way to advertise your business, products, and services. They’re also an effective-means of promoting an event, so why not have a billboard on wheels?

Large format decals are no longer confined to the sides of a cross-country18-wheeler. And, stunning vehicle-wraps don’t have to be restricted to the raceway. Delivery trucks, trailers, and vans are prime spaces for a large-scale logo or a cutting-edge graphic. If you have a home business, go ahead and dress up the sides of your personal car or truck with your business name and number – the tailgate and rear window are popular places too.

Our selection of vinyl for vehicle graphics are the best. We use vinyl from the best vinyl-manufacturers: 3M, Arlon, and Oracal. If you’ve read our other posts, you know that vinyl is perfect for sign layout and lettering because it’s long-lasting and moisture-resistant. Made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, vinyl is a resin plastic that withstands weather and retains its shape and coloring.

At Miracle Sign Co., we use Gerber technology in our workshop to produce custom digital graphics for vehicles. Gerber Scientific is the industry’s go-to manufacturer for sign-making technology. And, it’s this technology that produces high-end graphic designs and lettering for digital graphic displays. We use the best to produce the best and we know you only want the best. Vehicle vinyl and digital graphics are an ideal advertising tool and marketing strategy for your commercial signage, so consider having your own billboard on wheels.


Have an outdoor sporting event coming up? Go big with a banner. Planning a  grand-opening extravaganza? Go big with a banner. Throwing an anniversary party? Go big with a banner. If you’re looking for a custom banner to advertise your business or promote an event, Miracle Sign Co., has got you covered. We start with the best banner manufactured materials, Bantex and Tuff-Weave.

Bantex 13oz banners are ideal for digital graphics and text because color clarity is achieved from the material’s printability. Bantex banners are also smooth and strong. Tuff-Weave banners are also an excellent choice because the material is extra durable – it’s a vinyl that is reinforced with polyester webbing and bonded hems. Tuff-Weave vinyl is available in a variety of grades from 10oz – 22oz. Choose from matte and gloss finishes and single- or double-sided banner displays.

Miracle Sign Co. also uses a select quality of banner stands, grommets, and pole pockets to keep your banners in place on or above ground. So, no matter how high or how low, you can say it big with a banner.


At Miracle Sign Co., the sky’s the limit when it comes to producing custom high-quality signage for our customers – that’s you! So, go ahead and say it with a sign, or two, or three. No matter the sign type – exterior, interior, promo, vehicles, and banners – we’ve got the materials, and most importantly, the experience to turn your sign dreams into a reality. Check out our work and see for yourself. Feel free to give us a call or email us with your sign questions.