Stencils: Custom stencil signs

Custom stencil signs are an easy and effective way to market your business and get customers to read your messages. At Miracle Sign Co., we custom cut stencils from durable plastics using our CNC router. You decide on the lettering, logo, and length, and our team will customize a stencil or a set of stencils to fit your sign project needs. Read on to find out if custom stencil signs are right for your project.

What are the advantages of custom stencil signs?

Custom stencil signs are easy to read. There is a lot of market competition out there and it seems like every business is trying to outdo the other with big billboards, neon signs, and flashy marquees. A simple, easy to read, block-letter custom stencil sign, however, is  a welcome relief to consumers.

Installation is also a relief for novice painters and do-it-yourselfers. The lettering, numbering, and design motif is already in place, leaving the positioning and painting up to you.

Custom stencil signs are also cost-effective and convenient. With the right tools and a little time, you can install the sign on your own terms, saving a pretty-penny on installation costs.

Many custom stencil signs are made from durable plastics that can be reused in the future too, reducing future sign costs. Stencils are also easy to maintain when stored properly.

What are the disadvantages of custom stencil signs?

Custom stencil sign applications appear flat and one-dimensional, which may not suit all business design aesthetics.

Surfaces that are textured, such as stucco, are not recommended for stencil projects because the stencil will not lie flat against the surface and paint will bleed from under the stencil and beyond the block lettering outline.

What types of sign projects work well with custom stencil signs?

Custom stencil signs are great for lettering, logos, and decorative sign projects. Popular uses for stencils include:

  • Storefronts, such as sidewalk numbers & addresses, directional markers, and logos
  • Interior uses, such as entry and exit ways, guide arrows, and business mottos and sayings
  • Public works, such as street signs, curb and pavement markings, and safety signs
  • Home décor, such as decorative wall trim, floor appliqués, and numbering for mail boxes
  • Auto and boat sign lettering, such as business contact info and license numbers – Besides, who wouldn’t want to know that Old Bessie is your co-pilot over troubled waters?

Custom stencil signs can be applied on all paint-friendly surfaces, including concrete, unfinished wood, clean glass, metal, flat drywall, hard plastics, and other painted surfaces; really, any surface that has a smooth flat surface.

What custom stencil sign tips are there for DIY installation?

  1. Use painter’s tape to keep the stencil adhered to the surface. Apply tape along the top and bottom of the stencil. Use a bubble level to ensure the stencil is straight. No level? Ask a friend to help with the horizontals.
  2. Use a high grade stencil brush to apply paint to the stencil. Stencil brushes have short round stiff bristles that help prevent paint from bleeding under the stencil’s edge.
  3. Use the proper paint for the stenciling job: interior paints for indoor stencil projects and exterior paints for outdoor stencil projects. Spray paint is an okay choice for exterior stencil projects, but you don’t have as much control during application as you would with a quality stencil brush, increasing the chances of clumsy application and bleeding paint.
  4. Using short quick dabbing strokes, paint inward toward the center of each stencil cut-out. Do this all along the stencil’s edge before painting its center. This technique prevents paint from bleeding under the edges of the stencil. Avoid sweeping the brush across the stencil.
  5. Paint two thin coats rather than one thick globby one, again to prevent paint from seeping out from under the stencil’s edges.
  6. For repeat stencil-work in multiple areas, wash the stencil in between applications. Use warm water and a bit of mild soap to prevent paint from caking to the stencil cut-outs. Be sure the stencil dries completely before the next application.


So, if you’re interested in custom stencil signs for your business, boat, or backyard, give us a call or email us. We’ll work with you to design high grade stencils for all your sign project needs. In the meanwhile, check out our last post on RTA vinyl lettering.